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Want proof that the right equipment can improve your game? Ask anyone who’s had a custom golf club fitting.

Unlike a lot of other sports, golf is a game where your equipment has the potential to make or break your play. Golf also stands out because of the tremendous role that technology can play in helping to improve your game. Both come together in the ultimate Pro Shop service: the custom golf club fitting.

Do You Know What a Golf Club Fitting Entails?

The first thing you should know is that a good golf club fitting usually involves an examination of the clubs you currently have in your bag. Here are some of the things your clubfitter will consider when assessing your current golf clubs:

Club length Club weight The club’s lie angle Grip size Shaft flex

Each of these club features can alter your swing in different ways. They have an effect on your posture, of course, and on the way you strike the ball. If your old clubs don’t match your style, it’s time to consider upgrading to clubs made for your unique specifications.

Other than your current clubs, your clubfitter will also analyze the following:

  • The speed of your swing
  • Your gender, height, and age
  • Your golf handicap
  • The distance between your wrist and the ground

That last measurement is used to calculate the best length of golf club for you. Most golfers use a “Standard” length club. The other factors will help determine how flexible a shaft is ideal for you.

Who Should Get a Golf Club Custom Fitting?

We’re always surprised to hear how many golfers don’t think they qualify for a club fitting. There’s a myth circulating out there that says you have to be really good to justify a custom-fit set of clubs. That keeps a lot of players from experiencing the dramatic improvements in their game that can occur after a good fitting.

Some golfers believe that inconsistencies in their swing will negate any benefit they’d get from a club fitting. The irony here, of course, is that a more suitable set of clubs might correct those very same inconsistencies they’re worried about in the first place!

Technology is the Clubfitter’s Best Friend (and Yours)

In addition to the factors above, your clubfitter may also use high-tech equipment to customize your fit. Some Pro Shops use software to crunch the numbers and provide the ideal fit. Others incorporate launch monitor technology to measure additional criteria such as:

  • Launch angle
  • Carry distance
  • Shot patterns
  • Spin rate

There are over a thousand club/shaft combinations to choose from. There’s also your set makeup to consider. Do you use irons, woods, or hybrids? It’s yet another dimension of the custom fitting session that can go to work for you and your game.

Getting fitted can not only get you the best equipment for your unique style, it can also result in peace of mind. Knowing you’ve got the best available equipment that’s the most suitable for your unique specifications can give you more confidence than anything else.

Got questions about a custom fitting? Ask our Pro Shop team members. They’re knowledgeable, friendly, and always ready to talk about the sport they love!