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Must Have Items (Besides Clubs) to Carry in Your Golf Bag

Golf bags come with all sorts of bells and whistles and interesting pockets with which to fill. And of course, they need to be filled with all sorts of interesting things that must be brought along on any golf outing. Right? Wrong!

Who wants to be stuck carrying an overloaded bag with too much non-essentials?

So, aside from the perfect set of clubs, what do you really need to bring along when you hit the fairway?

Here is a list of golf essentials you shouldn't leave home without, and why each item is a golf must have.

No More Than 6 Golf Balls

If you calculate all the golf balls you've lost over the years, sure it's more than we would like. But if you divide that by all the days you've played golf, you'll come up with an average amount of golf balls lost in a single outing.

It's not that much.

Even on an unfamiliar golf course, rarely have you lost more than 6 balls. Okay, there was that one time. But why bring along more than that? Just don't forget to replenish your stash after each round on the course.


No, I'm not expecting you to get into a knife fight at the 19th hole. The switchblade is an all-in-one tool that serves as both a divot and ball marker. It has a retractable divot to use or put away when not in use.

But please, please don't fix ball marks with a tee. If you don't have a switchblade, then use a divot. And in the spirit of "paying it forward", consider fixing someone else's ball mark here and there.

And if you don't have a switchblade or ball marker, then use a coin.

No More Than a Handful of Golf Tees

You really don't need a giant box of tees. Even if you break one on every hole, you still only need 18.

Wood or plastic is up to your preference, although the plastic ones tend to break less often, in my experience.

Golf Gloves

Okay, here's where an extra pair may come in handy. One pair of gloves is definitely a golf essential, but they can get sweaty, which can affect your golf grip. You won't regret having an extra pair for just in case.


Even if the morning starts out cloudy, and the weather calls for gloominess all day, things can change quickly. And skin cancer is no joke.

Sunscreen is a golf must have, and you should reapply every two hours. That means at least once during a round. Also, a farmer tan is not pretty.

Rain Poncho

Speaking of unpredictable weather, it's a wonder weathermen or women get paid what they do.

A sunny day can and often does turn into a rainy one. Having a lightweight rain poncho within your golf essentials will be greatly appreciated when the weather turns.


It's super easy to get dehydrated, even on a cloudy day. Golf requires more exertion than most people think, and a few hours without water could affect you quickly.

Sure, most golf courses have water available throughout, but it's not always at the most convenient time or place. It's always safest to have a bottle of water handy.


A small golf towel will do the trick and will be one of your most used golf items. It's not only great to wipe off a sweaty neck and brow but can be used to wipe off a muddy club or ball.

Other Golf Essentials

The above is my suggested list, but feel free to add or subtract items that you may deem golf essentials, such as snacks, bug repellant, an extra shirt, a sharpie, a small first aid kit, or your lucky coin.

And don't forget business cards. You never know who you'll run into.

Just try not to overload your golf back or forget to replenish golf items that are used. Try to occasionally clean your bag out completely. You want to find that apple you meant to eat but forgot about sooner than later.

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