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Golf Practice: 4 Things You Should Work On at the Driving Range

Golf Practice: 4 Things You Should Work On at the Driving Range

It takes 10,000 hours to master a skill. You don't have that kind of time. What you need to do is perform deliberate golf practice to improve your golf game.

This will give you measurable results without the time commitment. Deliberate practice requires you to work on your specific weaknesses.

Practice in that area at high volume. Then get specific and continual feedback on performance.

Don't go to the driving range and hit balls with no purpose. Try these exercises to get started with your deliberate practice.

1. Swing Half Speed on the Range to Fix a Hook

Fix that dreaded hook by spending some time at the range. Slow down your speed so you can focus on your positioning.

By slowing down on purpose you prevent having an arm swing that is too fast. The slow down also lets you focus on turning your body more at the end.

Try to shift your weight to your front foot as you come down. You should end with your lower body facing your target. You want your hips to turn all the way through the swing.

2. Putt with One Arm Only on the Practice Green

If your putting has gone from not so good to bad it's time to add one armed putting to your golf practice routine. Use your dominant hand only to stroke the ball into the hole.

By only using one hand you build hand-eye coordination. Your brain will focus more on getting the ball in the hole and less on putting mechanics.

You will also start to release the putterhead at the right time. This is one of the first things to go wrong when struggling with putting.

3. Break the Peeking Habit on Putts

Golfers struggling with short putts should do golf drills on the putting green. Start by picking a four-foot put on the practice green.

Stick a tee all the way down or place a dime on the green. Now putt your ball off the top of your tee or dime.

Practice looking at the tee after you've hit the ball. You want to keep your head in the right place so your putter stays in line.

4. Experiment with Grips on the Range

One of the best driving range drills you can do is to try out a variety of grips. This lets you hit a ton of balls and see the differences.

Try to grip the club with your hands split. This will help you feel control while your arms stay relaxed.

You want to find the right mix of grip pressure and clubhead speed. Maintain consistent clubface control and relaxed arms while you find this.

Make Your Golf Practice Deliberate

Your best game on the best local course comes from your golf practice. Use this practice time to work on the parts of your game you are struggling with.

Work on your hook by slowing down your swing. Use this slower pace to focus on turning your hips.

Work on your putting by using one hand and practicing proper head placement. These will get you sinking your puts in no time.

Finally, the driving range is the perfect time to change things up and try new methods. Experiment with your grip and see how slight changes cause great effects.

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